Volunteering at reSURGEnce



Volunteer Leadership

Each year, hundreds of reSURGEgens volunteer on committees, knowledge communities, task forces, and in other volunteer roles. Volunteers are critical to the success of the reSURGEnce Movement vision, mission, and values. reSURGEnce welcomes volunteers who represent the wide spectrum of international educators in line with the commitment..

The journey of a reSURGEnce volunteer is not linear! Volunteers who start with one opportunity may decide to serve in a different role the next cycle. reSURGEnce welcomes volunteers who are new to the movement, seasoned veterans of the field, and everything in between.

Volunteering has many benefits for you:
● Improve transferable skills, including leadership and project management
● Excellent networking opportunity with other international education professionals
● Discover other leadership positions available at regional and international national levels

Volunteering has many benefits for your employer:
● Enhance the visibility of your institution or organization
● Build resourceful and supportive relationships with other reSURGEnce leaders
● Connect to the broader international business conversation


Volunteering at reSURGEnce Conferences

More than 200 volunteers are needed each year to help make the reSURGEnce Conference a success. Volunteering is a great way to network while getting a behind-the-scenes look at the conference and potentially earning a conference discount. Volunteering is open to all conference attendees. Volunteers assist and support the following key areas of the conference:

Bookstore and publication sales
Career Center
Conference Information and Hospitality Center
On-site registration
Session aids/monitors
Special events
Workshops, registration area, and conference information
And many more
Based on documented hours worked, volunteers may be reimbursed 25-100 per cent of the general conference registration fee paid.

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