The reSURGEnce Mission

The reSURGEnce movement host global business forums and conferences that will bring together Black businesses, churches, and community not-for-profits and link them with resources and institutions, governments, and corporations to facilitate funding, procurement, sales and marketing, trade, training, and a wide range of services and business exchange.

reSURGEnce is a movement that fuels a renewed flame for the development and growth of Black businesses around the world.

Why We Must Act Now

“Blacks continue to lag behind other races in all things economic. For Blacks in America and the Black world, the economic needle is barely moving. Viewed from a governmental and socio-economic perspective, it looks life Black are included, society often acts like they are included, and speaks like they are included – but when you look at the data and carefully evaluate the numbers, it is glaring that Blacks are not equally included and lag far behind other races in all things economic. – 

Rev Dennis Dillon, Publisher

What We Do

The reSURGEnce Movement hosts conferences and informational sessions that offer solutions and help to provide access. The key areas of access are access to funding and capital, access to investment options and opportunities, access to markets to and business growth opportunities, access to franchise and dealer opportunities, access to government and corporate contracts, access to global partnership and an Africa-America business exchange. This exchange initiative will engage African business, government and clergy participating in these conferences in America and American counterparts traveling to similar conferences in Africa.

Advocacy and Leadership

Over the past 30 years, The New York Christian Times has been a leading voice, an effective advocate and transformative leader on the path to economic growth and business development in Black and Brown communities. As architects of “House New York / Houses for You”, one of the nation’s largest faith based homeownership movements at the time, The Black Church Means Business Conference, The Economic Revival Initiative, The New York Black Business Clinics, and the Financial Literacy Campaign, our organization has worked with thousands of churches and hundreds of banks and US corporations to bring change and opportunities to marginalized communities in the New York region and other parts of the country. Corporations such as Macy’s, McDonald’s, Polo, Ralph Lauren and Citibank have credited our organization for assisting in the growth of their supplier diversity programs and community reinvestment efforts.

Growth Stagnation Unfortunately, over the past ten years, we have seen a stagnation in the growth of Black businesses in the New York tri-state area. SBA Guaranteed Loans to Black businesses are down from what was already the lowest level of all ethnic and niche categories, the average Black-owned business has gross annual revenue of a mere $68,000 compared with approximately $12 million for New York State firms, and Blacks account for only 3.5% of New York City’s firms yet represent some 26% of the population. The COVID­19 pandemic has only widened this gap, and the global unrest that arose from the murder of George Floyd and other innocent Blacks is a painful revelation of the huge disparities that Blacks face in America.


The ReSURGEnce Conference and The New York Times Footprint

The reSURGEnce Conference campaign will follow alongside The New York Christian Times’ footprint which covers the five boroughs of NYC, Nassau and Suffolk counties, Westchester and Rockland, and the five northern counties of New Jersey. The rESURGENCE Conference campaign will engage the strength of The New York Christian Times’ extensive network as one of this region’s leading publications. The campaign will also collaborate with other media outlets and business associations to ensure the broadest reach. This initiative will saturate the New York market with an extensive marketing and outreach plan to ensure full saturation in the African American community, the Caribbean population, a solid reach to the continental African population, and a direct inreach to more than 1.2 million churchgoers through a network of more than 3,000 churches. All key Black communities – from Harlem to Hollis, Jersey City to Mt. Vernon, and Newark, Brooklyn and Hempstead – sit within the coverage area.

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