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Our sponsors and partners are essential to the reSURGEnce Conference, driving our mission to empower Black businesses
and communities globally. Their support provides vital resources, funding, and opportunities, fueling growth and innovation.

Join us in creating meaningful change and building a more equitable economic future.


About The reSURGEnce Conference

The reSURGEnce Conference is a crucial event that seeks to highlight the status of Black Businesses in New York, America, and globally. It celebrates and promotes successful entrepreneurs within this community while providing critical resources for those who need them most. This conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to discuss ways we can strengthen our economy, create jobs and close racial wealth gaps once and for all. Don’t miss out on being part of such an important conversation!


The reSURGEnce conference series delivers critical, credible, and concise information through town hall media forums, workshops, and sessions, empowering attendees with actionable insights to address economic disparities. Participants gain knowledge to drive economic empowerment and positive change in Black communities globally.


By connecting attendees with key stakeholders, the conference provides access to resources that power business growth and close the wealth gap. Through partnerships and initiatives like business exchanges, attendees are empowered to drive positive change and fuel growth for Black communities globally.


The conference fosters a supportive environment for networking and entrepreneurial mentorship, facilitating growth and development. Attendees gain valuable insights and support from experienced leaders, helping them to scale their businesses and navigate economic challenges effectively.


Serving as a gateway to vital resources and partnerships, the conference facilitates access to funding, markets, government contracts, and global partnerships. Through initiatives like town hall forums and business exchanges, attendees gain access to tools and connections, driving economic empowerment in Black communities worldwide.

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reSURGEnce Conference
The Economic Report


The journey is long, the road is winding, and Blacks in America and around the world
continue to struggle to be held to the same rules, measured against the same standards,
and to benefit from the same treatment afforded other races.

We are a long way from
home and at an immeasurable distance from that place called “Economic Parity.” The scales
remain greatly imbalanced and, guided by the present trends, huge economic disparities
will continue indefinitely – unless, of course, there are deliberate and perpetual efforts by
all stakeholders to help Black-owned businesses and rising entrepreneurs to cut a
thicker slice of America’s huge economic pie.


reSURGEnce Conference
Nay Maps
Actor, Singer & Entrepreneur

“I had a great experience at the reSURGEnce Conference as I got network with great individuals from all walks of life and build relationships that will foster economic growth and opportunities in our community as black people and lead to expansion and fulfilled dreams.😊

This is an experience that everyone should experience yearly if not once in your life.😊

reSURGEnce Durban Conference - Durban global partnerships
Dierdre Mercedes
Principal, Opal Quality Systems Management

The reSURGEnce Conference 2023 was an absolute game-changer for me. The captivating speakers, thought-provoking workshops, and vibrant atmosphere created an unparalleled experience that left me inspired and equipped with invaluable insights. The partnership between the African and the American Business Communities was particularly enlightening. It was truly a transformative journey that exceeded all expectations, and I can’t wait for the next one!

reSURGEnce Conference - Africa-America business exchange
Apostle Jontue Cooper
CEO, Integrity Capital Group, LLC

“Seeing other Black men in leadership inspires me to get out and follow my plan. They didn’t get there by someone picking them. They got there through hard work, educating themselves, believing in themselves, and surrounding themselves with people that can help propel them to places they know they should be serving in…that’s inspiring.”

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